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In my work,Various motifs such as figures and dioramas appear, but they play the role as if they were the pretend play I used to play in my childhood, and they transcend the dimensions of figures and dioramas to become beings with realistic textures, such as people and landscapes. However, pretend play are about making something look like something else, which itself contains a fictional quality. By using every possible method to emphasize that a figure is only a figure, and that a pretense is only a pretense, reality is destroyed and emerges as a fiction. The fiction, however, is constantly shifting within the picture, becoming real again at a moment's notice, or becoming fiction again. This is a subversion of reality and value, an interrogation of perception, and at the same time, the creation of a new pictorial space.

What is important in my work is to eliminate arbitrariness and to bring universality to it through the use of photography. Photographs capture not only figures of special effects heroes and monsters familiar to him from his childhood and figures he picked up at a toy store by chance and has no particular attachment to, but also the walls and dirty desk in the room where the photographs are taken as equal entities. By placing the open medium of photography between the motif and the self, all motifs are freed from their personal meaning, and my work is able to connect with the outside world. 

Kenshiro Kihara

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